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Berikut ini adalah daftar widgets yang disusun berdasarkan abjad mulai dari A – Z. Silahkan mencoba dan menikmati…..hehheeee, kayak kemilan aja! semoga bisa bermanfaat dan bisa menambah semarak sidebar wordpress kamu.

Tapi jangan asal tempel aja lho, dilihat lagi kegunaan dan efektifitasnya untuk blog kamu kira-kira bisa mendatangkan manfaat atau tidak. Jangan asal keren2an aja yang ada nanti blog kamu malah berat loadingnya atau terlihat kumuh seperti pasar malam….heheheeee

Silahkan mencoba-coba….

A Yahoo SiteExplorer Widget – Yahoo Site Explorer Badge widgetized for wordpress – great free sidebar tool shows accurate inlinks to your blog. See demo at Yahoo Badge Widget Demo
About Me Widget – Add an ‘About Me’ with image/blurb/links to your sidebar.
Accessibility Widget – allow visitors to text size and stylesheet
Active Discussions – Display posts with currently active discussion threads
Ad Rotator – enter, then rotate, multiple HTML entries separate by <!–more–>
Add to Any Subscribe Widget – Lets readers subscribe to your blog using any feed reader, such as Google Reader, My Yahoo!, Netvibes, Pageflakes, and all the rest. The Subscribe button comes with a drop-down menu that appears on rollover.
AddThis Sidebar Wiget – AddThis feed subscription and social bookmarking buttons
Adsense Widget for WordPress – controls color, size, h2 of adsense ad
AmR Upcoming Events – very configurable, handles multiple ical feeds
Apple Trailer – show random movie trailers from apple.com with movie poster
Around This Date In The Past – shows x years ago entries/posts
Associative Dictionary – create and show personal dictionary
Auto Tag Widget – intelligently tag and link your blog, automatically.
AvFuel – allows entry and display of latest AV fuel prices
Battlefield 2 Stats – outputs your Battlefield 2 profile statistics
Berri YouTube Gallery – gives you possibility to show a YouTube video gallery with customized appearance on your sidebar and all you need is to write the video URLs in the widget control panel. There is no need to register or to get YouTube API.
BDP Comments — more options than the built in “recent comments” widget
BDP List Widget is a general purpose sidebar widget for a list of user-defined text and links. It could be used to create an index or directory for your blog. Up to 9 different lists can be created. Lists must have less than 15 elements.
BDP RSS Aggregator — widgetized for WordPress version 2.2
BDP Setup — a list of all the active plugins on the sidebar
BidVertiser – displays BidVertiser text ads
Bitty Browser – Bitty is the little browser that goes on any Web page, like Picture-in-Picture for the Web. Add navigable Web content by URL, RSS feeds, Podcasts, OPML files, or use it with services like Flickr, del.icio.us, Digg, Bloglines, Google, etc.
BlogBlogs.com.br Favorites – add a list of ths blogs you added as favorites to you sidebar
Bloggrrr.com – allows visitors to rate your site with the bloggrrr.com service
Bookmarks Display Widget – Allows users to modify how the bookmark links are displayed in the sidebar. You can change the title, number of bookmarks displayed, sort order and sortby field.
Breukie’s Archive Widget
Breukie’s Calendar Widget
Breukie’s Category Widget
Breukie’s Links Widget
Breukie’s Pages Widget
Brians Latest Comments – widgetized and configurable Brians Latest Comments Plugin
Broadband Speed Checker – Widget for measuring internet connection speed. Flash widget with customizable design.
Cached Widget – template widget for caching widget content
Category Cloud Widget – Adds a sidebar widget to display the categories as a tag cloud.
Category Replacement – enhance version of automattic version
Charts @ kekova.ca – display charts in sidebar
Charts @ chart.dk – show chart.dk counter in sidebar
Chitika eMiniMalls – register then make money with display of Chitika eMimiMall
claimID – list recent claimID links
Coastr – display your list of favorite beers and pubs from coastr.com
coComment widget – display coComments conversations
Compete – Adds Compete stats to the sidebar
Contact – Adds a contact form to the sidebar
Coppermine – display random image from Coppermine
Custom Pages – control Pages sort order, sort field, and depth of nesting
Daiko’s Text Widget – Adds a sidebar widget to display text, includes php-code capability. Includes conditional tag testing to specify where to display. The widget is basically an extension of the Execphp widget by Otto at http://ottodestruct.com. Conditional Tags supported.
Daiko’s Video Widget – Display random videos from MySpace, YouTube and Google Video in your sidebar(s). Conditional Tags supported.
Daiko’s YouTube Widget – Display a pre-defined number of YouTube videos as thumbnail images and play them in a pop-up ThickBox window or a VideoPlayer Widget (included and integrated). Conditional Tags supported.
del.icio.us cached++ – Create a list of the latest bookmarks on a del.icio.us account, from its RSS feed
Digg – Displays your latest dugg items
Digitally Imported – display Digitally Imported di.fm channels
Doogate Search – search your site with Doogate.com
Dropdown Archives – drop-down access to archives
Dropdown Links – drop-down access to links
Ensiklonesia – display information about Indonesia
Evangelische Termine Widget – shows events of http://www.evangelische-termine.de
EventCalendar3 – ajax calendar & upcoming event list
ExecPHP – text widget that allows PHP code to be executed (WordPress 2.0-2.3.3)
Feedburner – subscribe to blog via Feedburner
Flickr Badge Widget – display your flickr photos in the sidebar
Flickr Widget – same widget that www.wordpress.com uses
flickr RSS Widgets – display flickr Photos on sidebar
Flickr Photo Album – display Flickr album sets
FlickerRSS – display Flickr photos; requires flickrRSS Plugin
Flickr Spinnr – display Flickr photos in rotating cube
Flickr Tag Cloud Widget – display a link tag cloud from your Flickr account
Folded Pages – collapsible Pages list
Folding Categories List – collapsible categories list
Fortune Widget – Fortune widget (Random Quotes), with some simple customizations and easy install.
FPLogin – admin login based on Michael Hampton’s hack
Free Music Widget – Display music from the unsigned band web on your blog
Fresh Comments – display recently approved comments with configuration panel to control how recent comments are displayed.
FreshTags for WordPress
Fuzzy Recent Comments – displays recent comments
Fuzzy Recent Links – displays recent links
Fuzzy Recent Posts – displays recent posts
Fuzzy Recent Updates – displays recently update posts, comments, links
GeneralStats – counts the number of users, categories, posts, comments, pages, links, tags, link-categories, words in posts, words in comments and words in pages.
GeoURL Sidebar – displays site GeoURL
GetWeather – works alongside the GetWeather plugin by Jeff Minard
Gabbly Chat- let users chat using Gabbly Chat box
Get Recent Comments – display excerpts of the most recent comments and/or trackbacks with customizable formatting
GoodSearch WordPress Widget – Add a search form for GoodSearch with a preset charity id
Google Maps Widget – display your location with Google Maps as a widget
Google AdSense widget – color, size and h2 title of your AdSense widget are all fully customizable from within the WordPress Presentations tab
Google AdSense – specifically designed to insert Google Ads in the sidebars
Google Calendar – shows entries from your Google Calendar
Google MapSearch – AJAX Google Map Search embedded in the sidebar.
Google Reader – Lists latest Google Reader shared posts
Google VideoSearch – AJAX Google Video Search embedded in the sidebar.
HEMiDEMi – bookmarks widget
I Read Straight – show link to Amazon book read
IFrame Widget – adds an IFrame widget to display any other webpage
IM Online – display your AOL, MSN, Yahoo!, Jabber (inc. Google Talk) and ICQ online status
Incoming Links – Who Link Here – Shows incoming links on your sidebar. Using for it the Technorati API or Google Blog Search.
Infocon – display InfoCon internet stability feed
Irrepressible – widget to display data from http://irrepressible.info/
Irrepressible.Fragment – display fragments of censored infromation from Amnesty International.
Jangl – Talk with the readers of your Blog without giving out your phone number
JAW Duplicate Widgets – allows you to duplicate widgets in the same or different sidebar
JAW Popular Post – displays data from Alex King’s Popularity Contest plugin
Joe’s Quotes Widget – allows you to have a quote and a picture of the character who is quoted.
Joe’s Subscription Widget – displays blog subscription options
jsCharts 1.0 – display Last.fm Charts
jsScrobbler 1.0 – displays the Last.fm Track played most recently (based on modified version of F.Krieners Scrobbler Plugin)
keywords-tagcloud – displays a tag cloud using keywords from the jeromes-keywords plugin
King Calendar – helps display up to 10 calendar widgets. Also supports the EventsCalendar plugin.
King Categories – acts a front-end to the abilities of the list_cats function
King Links – various options for controlling and displaying Links.
King Login – handles WordPress login with various options
King Search – advanced search
King Text – supports php or HTML in a widget
King Widget Framework – not really a widget but rather a framework for working with widgets
Last.fm – last.fm music charts as a graphic in your sidebar
Last.fm Adds the new version of the chart. Customizable color and type.
Lazyest Gallery Thumbs Slideshow – randomly rotates Lazyest Gallery thumb images — [site down]
The LeftyBlogs Widget – Add a local LeftyBlogs.com blogroll widget to your sidebar
Lib Dem Buttons – add UK Lib Dem campaign buttons
LinkBlock Widget – display links in customizable ‘blocks’.
Links List – simple replacement for links widget
List Authors – display a list of authors linking to the authors.php page
Live Search – Live search engine without refresh
Lovelybooks – Share your bookshelf
MeCommerce – displays MeCommerce product listings
Meebo Embed Widget – embed your meebo widgets on the sidebar
MovieWidget – sidebar widget to randomly display a thumbnail from your DVD collection
MSNStatus – shows MSN Messenger status based on W2MStatus
My Bloglines Widget – display Bloglines subscriptions
MyBlogLog Community Widget – Show the communities you are in at MyBlogLog
MyBlogLog Widget – displays the MyBlogLog Recent Readers Widget (with all options)
myStatus – displays customized status information and requires the myStatus plugin
MyTwitter – displays a user’s Twitter updates (tweets)
My Widget – Display text or other information about yourself. The source code is available and information about creating widgets.
Netflix Widget – calls Albert Banks Netflix plugin to display information from your Netflix account
Now Reading scroll down on that page to see the widget version
Odeo Podcast Plugin Embed Odeo Podcast on wordpress blog.
OPML Blogroll – Blogroll from a hosted OPML file
Parent Pages – Lists a subpage’s parent pages
Paypal Donate Widget – Display donate form in your sidebar
phJoomla Latest Entries – show your Frontpage Joomla Articles or your latest created/changed Articles.
phphp Latest Entries v1.0 – shows you the latest phpbb Forum entries
phtechnorati Jscript – show Technorati Jscript
PHP Code Widget – text widget that allows PHP code to be executed (WordPress 2.5 and up)
Picasa Web Albums – Add thumbnails of your Picasa Web Albums to your sidebar.
Plugins used Plugin – Widget – List all your activated plugins in your sidebar (based on “Plugins used Plugin” from Andrew Chen)
PMSbyRSS (OUTLOOK) – display list of your weekly [OUTLOOK]
PostRank Top Posts Widget – Show your best posts based on metrics from PostRank
Quick SMS – allow visitors to send SMS messages to your mobile device
Random Fortune – displays a random fortune from the fortune database
Random Simplegal Image – displays a random image from your install anywhere on your page
RawSugar – display RawSugar feed of blog tags
RevenuePilot – generate RevenuePilot ads
Reddit Widget Reddit Posts
Reddit – Displays your liked stories (on reddit.com)
RS Event – A really easy way of listing upcoming events. Just attach the time and date to the event’s post using the editor sidebar.
Rudd-O’s Wordspew – shoutbox based on Andrew Sutherland’s Jalenack Wordspew
Run For Cover – based on username, retreives the cds you listened to recently from Last.fm, finds the cover images at Amazon and displays the CD covers.
Ryboe Tag Cloud – quickly place a tag cloud in your sidebar using category tags
Scrobbler – Displays various Audioscrobbler / Last.fm information (Recent Music, Top Albums, …) in an AJAXified Widget, autoreloading itself, to keep your visitors informed (check the link to see an example).
Scrobbles – retreive and display Audioscrobbler data where you wish.
Search Widget with Title – This search widget comes with an optional h3 widget title and allows you to control the search button text, as well as giving you more control over styling.
Show coComments – display unordered list of comments on the coComment service
Sidebar Login – allows login then redirect to point user logged in from.
Sideblog – display 1 or 2 sentences (asides) of posts
Simple Counter – A simple stat counter. Requires WP-ShortStat
Simple Recent Comments – widgetized version of Raoul’s Simple Recent Comments
Site Meter Widget – Get the benefits of thte full free version of Site Meter while just using the username of your Site Meter account.
Skype button Widget – Adds a customizable Skype “Call me” button to your WordPress Sidebar (Based on “Skype Button” plugin from Anti Veeranna)
Spicypage Sidebar Widget – Display your spicypage vote stats using a sidebar widget.
Stickam Chat Room Image – display image of Stickam Chat Room participants
Stickam WordPress Sidebar Widget – to display Stickam Where Am I, Active Chat Rooms, and Friend Tracker
Stock Quotes – display your favorite stock quotes
Subscribe2 – widget access to Subscribe2 plugin
Subscribe me! widget and plugin to subscribe to services
Swicki – a customizable search engine that learns from your community&apos;s search behavior
Tag Cloud display a tag cloud from keywords created with Jerome’s Keywords plugin
theFreeDictionary content – Display free content from theFreeDictionary.com. Widgets for Quote of the Day, Word of the Day, Article of the Day, This Day in History, and Today’s Birthday.
TheGoodBlogs – Allows bloggers to promote other good bloggers
Theme Switcher – designed to add the Theme Switcher plugin by Ryan Boren as a Widget.
Theme Switcher Widget – designed to add the Theme Switcher plugin by Ryan Boren as a Widget. Allows you to configure theme list as either a list or dropdown.
Theme Widget – simplifies adding Widgets to Themes
TimeZoneCalculator – calculates different times and dates in timezones with respect to daylight saving on basis of utc.
Top 10 Posts – widget support for Top 10 Posts plugin
tppSidebarPageSections – Enables the creation of unlimited widgets through the admin interface – Create NAMED text widgets and named Widgets containing links to pages (and page children)
TradeTracker – Widget to put TradeTracker Ads on your WordPress Sidebar.
Translate – allow visitors to translate your blog
Technorati Incoming Links Widget – displays the incoming links to your blog, using technorati
Upcoming Events – displays a list of upcoming events that can be aggregated from many different iCal feeds.
On-line users list – show the loggedin users list in WordPress side bar.
Verse of the Day – places the verse of the day (biblegateway.net) in your sidebar
Verse-O-Matic – Have a scripture verse appear on your sidebar. Four display settings – random every page load, random daily, show a list by date, or static until you change it.
VirtualPlantz Widget – get a virtual plant at http://www.virtualplantz.com/ and add it to your sidebar with the VirtualPlantz widget.
Wayback Widget – displays old posts (e.g. this week last year) and requires cg_wayback plugin
Weather – displays weather from wunderground.com
Weatherpixie – displays weather from Weatherpixie.com
WhatPulse – displays your whatpulse.org type/click data
Who Link Here – displays incoming links from Google Blog Search and Technorati
WhoLinked – displays sites linking to you in real time
Valid Widgets Plugin – really a plugin that corrects widget validation
Widgetized Democracy – polling widget requires Andrew Sutherland’s Demoracy AJAX Poll plugin
WB Stats – displays Last.fm current playing track, Project Dolphin stats, myStatus and WP-UserOnline information.
Wholinked – displays sites linked to your blog.
WordPress Search Plus – customized search form
Word Stats – display various blogs statistics
Worldtime – choose three places and display the current date and time
WP Bookmarking Widgets – allow people to subscribe to your blog via Google Reader, myYahoo, myAOL, and more.
WP-chgFontSize – allows users to change dynamically the font size by adding a text or image selection on your blog.
WP-DOPPLR – displays your DOPPLR information on your blog.
WP e-Commerce Lite – widgetized shopping cart application
WPG2 Image – display Gallery2 images
WPG2 Image Block – control Gallery2 images
WPG2 Search – a simple search bar for Embedded Gallery2 (WPG2)
WPG2 Search Block – lets users search the blog or the embedded gallery from a single search bar
WP Microformats collect hCard and hCalendar data
WP-Backlinks – a widget for trading backlinks to increase your pagerank
WP Polls – a widget for WP Polls plugin
WP Stats – display selected statistics
WP UserOnline – display users on-line
WP Weather Widgets – Display your local weather forcast
XBox Live Gamercard – places your mygamercard.net service in your sidebar
Clock widget for wordpress – displays your clock in your sidebar
Mon.Itor.Us – free website and web server monitoring service allows to monitor your website performance and availability.
Xiti – Display the Xiti audience logo and give you goods stats on your visitors.
XmasB Quotes – Display random quote with or without an image in your sidebar.
Youlicit Related Links – Display related sites to any outgoing link on your blog when a reader hovers over it.
YouTube Favorite Videos – display your favorite YouTube videos
YouTube – Display a YouTube video in your sidebar with option to autoplay. 

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